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                                                Passages / Excepts
      "As ludicrous as this may sound, I began to wonder if I was fighting my own battle in this same fashion. Instead of using a book, I was using silence. Was that using common sense, I wondered. I took a deep breath and turned to Cleo. This was the time..."
         "Is this Sebastian Ingram?"
          "Yes, this is he."
        "I'm sorry for calling you so late. It must be 11:00pm there...Mr. Ingram, you don't know me but I'm taking care of a friend of yours."
         "I don't know who you are talking about."
    "Do you know a guy named Gregory?...Mr. Ingram, I found your number in his things...I just thought you would want to know before it was too late."
      As I looked around the room, my eyes locked tight on this older black woman seated across the room. She was beautiful and elegantly dressed. Her hair was pure white as clouds...Her name was Ms. Laura...I think she had enough bangles on her arms to give everyone in the church one...She smiled at me and nodded her head as if to say 'it's alright now.'...then it happened...
      " the other night while it was storming, the raindrops hitting my window pane woke me. I got out of my bed and went to his room. I stood in his doorway. Watching while he slept...Richard began to stir around and I saw him open his eyes...I slid underneath his arms..."
      "Sister Beatrice explained to her listeners how one could feel closer to their God. " Traditionally , people have been told and fiercely warned never to question God's decisions...Get angry, yell at the top of your lungs, scream, and then cry to your best friend. HE will understand..."
       I watched as the Duchess slowly entered the room in complete control. Her staunch shoulders imposed impressions of weathered strength. The grave figure that rested on the bed could not move her, she decided. Nothing could damper her mission. She simply displayed no weakened emotions, even as she brushed his thining hair from his skeletal eyes... 


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