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Phil Michal Thomas was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Thomas, a behaviorist, has a Masters in Counseling. During the eighties, he lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for over a decade with the exception of one year in Brussels, Belgium. While in Atlanta, he volunteered with AID-Atlanta where he began his career in counseling and advocating for the rights of people living with AIDS.

        It was during the March on Washington D.C.where the suggestions were suggested for Thomas to compile living testimonies of several individuals he counseled. Initially, Thomas considered the concept as exploiting his clients. His clients thought otherwise. "People who wanted to give their life and their death meaningful significance so that others would continue to live and not repeat this fate. With the clear understanding and their blessings, I wanted to not only validate their painful last days but to acknowledge the deep rooted friendships they shared. Although there still exist a great deal of ignorance on this fatal disease, there is also hope in the horizon.  We are reminded that we are people, including those living with AIDS, are 'cogs', children of God."

       Share the compassion and be a friend. Whether you know someone directly or indirectly living with AIDS, that same person is the same friend that you and I have known in our lives. Their memories forever engraved in the survivor's heart.

       Listen...listen to the stillness in the air. Listen to the silence of our friends and loved ones that have made their transition.

       "This is also dedicated to my wife Allissa as her memory lives through my heart, my own Duchess 'Erma', my daughter Melissa,  twin Phyllis and my family. Last but certainly not least, of course, thanks be to God."


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